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POP PLEASE Rainbow colors rule in this bold Chelsea apartment by Kelling Designs. Photo: Emma Lewis

Trends To Take You Into The Next Roaring 20's

Mid-century, minimalism and Nordic Scandinavian design style are not dead they are just evolving with an added mix of bold color, pattern, and shapes as we enter this new decade. The new modern aesthetic still embraces a since of minimalism but incorporates and curated layering of bold color, texture, patterns, artwork, books…all the things that make you happy. Whether you enjoy bold/extroverted design aesthetic or a calmer neutral layered “boho” look. Welcome to the new 20’s decade … modern.

Here are three trends to embrace in 2020:

Maximalism basics: Bold use of color and texture, the more artwork the better, and strive for comfort and quality adding only the decorative items you love.

Buy as local as possible, or at least sustainability and ethically sourced products. Stay mindful of waste reduction by using more locally sourced and recycled materials such as reclaimed woods, denim, and materials made from water bottles. Also, invest in timelessly designed quality goods to last a lifetime. 

Use '70's inspired design elements by introducing texture driven materials like cane, wicker, rattan, and ribbed glass.

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