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About Us

DZN Studio + Home is a modern lifestyle store and design studio that provides a full range of products including:

  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Rugs and textiles
  • Home decor
  • Home goods
  • Outdoor furniture and accessories
  • Virtual reality design studio

We are a mother and daughter family owned business that loves all things modern.  We were fortunate to be influenced by my Grandmother who embraced the new modern styles we now call “Mid Century” created by early iconic designers of the mid 1900’s. We still treasure some of those items today.  As a transplant to Greenville, SC we struggled to furnish our home to match our modern aesthetics, cozy modern but with a timeless modern aesthetic. This was one of the inspirations for DZN Home which opened in November of 2019.   Knowing how hard it can be to find and sometimes afford modern furnishings; we wanted to create a new experience that makes creating a modern home approachable and fun.  At DZN Home we have curated a collection of quality modern home furniture, accessories and home goods to fit your modern lifestyle. 

Our curated collection of global and American brands are carefully selected to align not only with our style but with our values of quality, ethically produced, sustainable and timeless design.

The other major influence was seeing how difficult it is for some to define their personal style and visualize what your home or room will look like before making costly purchases.  This is why we are creating a new way to furnishing your home by combining virtual reality technology, design services and a collection of home furnishing to make creating a home fun, easy and approachable “taking the scary out of furnishing your home”.  We partner with designers and utilize our own knowledgeable staff to help people create a home that reflects their modern lifestyle. 

Our mission is to provide a place and platform that makes it easy for people to visualize and furnish their homes.