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Interior Design Services

Welcome to DZN Studio, where modern elegance meets the warm embrace of coziness, where modern design takes center stage. 

At our studio, we believe in crafting spaces that seamlessly blend sleek, contemporary aesthetics with the inviting charm of a cozy haven. Our team of passionate designers is dedicated to transforming interiors into personalized sanctuaries that reflect the timeless beauty of cozy modern design.  

From clean lines and warm palettes to the thoughtful use of natural materials, we bring a touch of Mid Century and Nordic inspiration to every project. Step into a world where modernity harmonizes with comfort, and let us redefine your space with the enduring allure of modern, cozy, Scandinavian design. Your journey to a harmonious home begins here.


Interior Design

Based out of our Interior Design Studio in Greenville SC, our team of skilled interior designers will collaborate closely with you to truly understand your goals, aesthetics, and functional needs. Our interior design service covers all design aspects of larger projects, renovations and new builds.  Including floor plan development, renovations, color consultation, electrical and lighting plans, cabinet drawing, fixtures and finishings selections sourcing unique materials and finishes. 

Whether you're looking for an interior design service to revamp your home, new build, or a single room we cover a dynamic array of design aesthetics and spaces to suit your needs.

Furniture Selection

Our interior designers start with space planning to make sure the layout fits the space and use. Then we source, specify and curate pieces that are well-considered for each space in your home. Combining your style with our expertise, we can use furniture to create a space that is practical, functional and suited to your own personal style and lifestyle.

Interior Styling

The DZN Home styling and interior decorating service is designed to help complete your space. Our designers are experts at putting the finishing touches to your project or refreshing your space to bring new life to to existing rooms.

Project Management

From start to finish, our team will manage your project including product ordering, installations, and logistics to ensure that everything flows smoothly.

Have a project you’d like us to work on? Contact us to schedule an interior design or interior styling consultation at DZN Home + Studio, or a site visit to your home. 

Our talented Interior Design and Stylist teams are excited to guide you through the process of bringing your dream space to life.

Schedule your free design consultation to get started!



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